Nifty Time Trading for Exact Entry using Time Cycles!

nifty time cycle Feb 05, 2024

Nifty Time Trading for Exact Entry using Time Cycles!

Is it possible to Time the market to Trade Intraday profitable?

Nifty has been moving with high volatility since the Budget on 1st February 2024. But it is possible to time the entry to very day, hour and minute using concept of Time cycles.

Below chart of Nifty was shown in webinar on 3rd February 2024 with 1000’s of participants discussing the exact technique.

Nifty 15 minutes chart: Anticipated on 3rd February

Nifty 15 mins chart happened:

During the live webinar on Time Trading it was discussed that Nifty will show a pullback from around 10.30 am and post that there will be selling pressure on breach below the day’s low.

Following was also tweeted during the live market before the fall –

Nifty after showing the pullback broke below 21840 levels and immediately moved lower within 15 minutes to 21726 levels – a fall of more than 110 points in just 15 minutes itself.

So, there was a pullback from near 10.30am on upside by 100 points and prices also gave another setup on downside for a fall of 100 points using the concept of Time cycles.

As prices now broke below the time low from the highs of 21950 the overall trend will remain bearish until the next cycle low. So Options trader can sell call options with 21950 as stops or buy puts on pullback for good risk reward setups.

It is possible to Time the market to very Day, Hour and Minute if one knows to combine price action along with time cycles and apply time trading indicators like Pring Special K, KST, Centered Bollinger Bands for complete trade setup.

Kaal Chakra (Master of Cycles) – Time  the market using concept of Hurst’s Time cycles and also get the exact trade setups that work. Combining Gann square of 9 with Time cycles, Pring Special K indicator for divergence and Price action for exact entry is the precise way to trade time. Are you ready to become the #TimeTrader? Limited seats only. Early Bird ends on 10th February 2024, Act now, Know more