Nifty Predicting Time on 15 Mins Chart for Intraday Trading!

nifty time cycles Sep 29, 2022
Nifty, Trading, Stock market

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Trading Using Time is the most powerful tool a trader can use but only a few are aware about it.

On 28th September 2022 in Live webinar I announced the time as 1.30pm for probable reversal as per Time concept and Nifty formed a low on 29th September near 1.15pm at 16788 rallied by more than 100 points in less than an hour. Check the video here

Nifty 15 minutes chart – Time Cycles

Above chart shows a cycle of 43 periods that helps in capturing lows on 15 minutes chart. There is a way to apply this science properly and one should trade this only after analyzing bigger cycles as well.

Above chart clearly shows on most of the occasions prices formed low precisely near the red vertical cycle zone and reversed higher. This has to be combined with simple Price action using Candlestick method for trading effectively both on Intraday and for Swing Trading.

Time is powerful technique but majority are focusing only on indicators rather than Price and Time.

There is a complete science of Time and the way it has to be applied for trading. If the low of 16780 is broken it will turn both Price and Time on sell side which results capitulation.

Many traders witness failed Breakouts which happens when Time is not in sync with Price. It is therefore crucial to trade with Time.

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