Nifty Lunar Cycle – Amavasya on 25th September – Markets Crashed!

lunar cycle nifty time cycles Sep 27, 2022
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Lunar Cycle – phases of moon does have impact on the markets. We can clearly see by looking at the index movement with respect to Amavasya (New moon) and Pournima (Full moon). Nifty has been forming tops and bottoms as per Lunar cycle we have talked about multiple times.

Lunar cycle is comprised of 28 – 29 Days which is further divided into two parts – Full moon or Pournima and New moon or Amavasya.

Nifty Lunar Cycle:

Since the top of 18600 Nifty has formed a top everytime near the Full moon or Pournima. We can see this by seeing the lower highlighted circle that represents full moon.

However, during the recent rise since August 2022 - Full moon 10th August and on 8th September 2022, Nifty formed lows and rallied on upside for 5 days. So, there is change in relationship.

Amavasya or No moon – has usually resulted into non trend or sideways action on many occasions. The recent no moon was on 25th September 2022. We can see a sharp fall from there. So, given that Full moon is now acting to be positive for markets there is possibility that New moon or Amavasya will act bearish. Do note that the effect lasts for 3 to 5  days. Post Amavasya this time prices have already shown sharp correction.

So, there is high possibility as per this cycle Nifty will not cross above the high made near 17600 before the New moon for next 2 to 3 days.

This is vital information for Weekly Option traders. Do note that Lunar cycle can change fast and one has to combine this cyclical technique along with Candlestick methods to make the most out of it.

Time is supreme and is responsible for price movement. By simply combining Time component a trader can form amazing Option Trading strategy.

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