Nifty Trading Using ROC Indicator and Buy Sell Signals of Time!

nifty roc time cycles Nov 08, 2022
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Buy Sell Signals can be generated using Time indicatorRate of Change (ROC).

Yes, We are tweaking Rate of change indicator parameters as per Time cycles that we follow to make it a way to take buy or sell signals.

Below is chart of Nifty showing 55 Days Time cycle and deriving the parameters of ROC so that it can act as a signaling method which can also be used as Algo trading.

Nifty Daily chart:

Above chart shows Nifty following 55 Days Time Cycle. Time is the essence of Trading. It is only because of Time that prices exist.

Trading is incomplete without understanding Time and also technical analysis cannot be done correctly if Time is not studied. Every single indicator parameters including RSI, ROC, Moving averages are derived using Time.

We developed a Time indicator basis of 55 Days Time cycle that can be used as simple Buy and Sell signal. It is not 100% fool proof method but the accuracy for taking big swing trades is simply amazing.

As shown in above chart in the past the maximum reading on the indicator is near 7.58 above which the momentum simply collapses. ROC parameter is derived out of Time and so we call it as a Time indicator.

Whenever ROC crosses below the signal line after touching the reading of 7.58 we have seen reversal in prices for a big trending move on downside. Keep in mind this is valid only once the signal line is broken and prices confirm by forming simple Dow theory lower high and lower low on daily candles.

We are standing at one such juncture where the indicator is just at a kissing distance of signal line (yet to move lower), prices on cusp of 55 Days Time cycle and ROC just hitting the reading of 7.58.

Only if the reading crosses above 9.5 we will say that a breakout is imminent but we will be all glued to see price action from here on.

In a nutshell, by knowing Time one can simply form any Time indicator with high conviction and convert that into Algo based trading system. This is just a glimpse into power of Time.

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