Trading Options Using Moving Average on 15 Minutes

moving average nifty Feb 23, 2022
Nifty, Moving Average

Intraday Trading Using Moving average can work out well. For profitable trades it is important to have a method and technique that gives an edge over others.

In this research I have explained how to combine this simple Moving average on the Option chart directly and Trade Intraday or positional.

Nifty 17000 call Option 15 minutes chart:

Moving average crossover system – Combine two simple moving average of 30 days and 60 days. I have also explained in the video above on how to accurately trade using this system. The reason 30 days average is selected because it is providing support to prices when it is in the up move or resistance when it is in the downtrend. When the red moving average crosses above the bigger blue average it is called a positive crossover. However, there can be whipsaws and false signals. To avoid this we also need higher highs and higher lows on prices. This will confirm a positive reversal thereby reducing chances of wrong entry that many traders face using Moving average system.

See the latest data we can see prices finding resistance to the 60 days average and moved lower. Now if we see a positive crossover above the 60 days MA and also prices show higher high and higher low formation above the average we will get the positive buy signal.

In a nutshell, simple methods can also be used to form classic trade setups but one should also learn the aspect of Time that can give clear stops and target derivation.

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