Options Trading – 3 Powerful Indicators Must for Trading!

bollinger bands indicators keltner channel options trading Dec 11, 2023

Options Trading – 3 Powerful Indicators Must for Trading!

Options trading requires understanding of Momentum along with significant movement as per Bands like Keltner channel or Bollinger Bands®

Which are the Powerful Indicators to use for Options buying?

Nifty post showing sharp rise on upside is now moving in a range with Option prices not moving in any direction.

Nifty 21000 Call Options 28th December 2023Nifty 21000 call options month end expiry 15 minutes chart is shown above that has three powerful indicators – Volume profile, Keltner Channel and KST indicator.

Volume profile – This indicator helps to understand the area where major volume has taken place. We can see that 229 is the level where lot of activity has happened in this option price with value area low near 150 levels.

Keltner channel – shows the possible area of breakout. Prices are as of now whipsawing around the volume area within the bands. Now any break above 268 levels which is the upper end of the Keltner channel and confirm prices are also breakout from the volume profile area.

KST indicator -  this indicator is back to the 0 line indicating sideways action and we will get further confirmation once prices break above the recent high.

Thus all the indicators will get in sync once there is a clear break above 268 levels with immediate support near 200 on downside.

 In a nutshell, one can combine 3 powerful trading indicator to trade options directly.

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