PVR: Giving 33% returns, How to identify Multibagger stocks?

multibagger stock stock market trading Jul 04, 2022
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We published about PVR in September, 2021 and predicted a possibility of Multibagger returns in coming 2-3 years. This stock has managed to hold its gain and gave almost 33% returns in less than a year time and made a life time high near 2004 levels on 28th March 2022

Below is the chart which shows a detailed analysis of PVR which helped to predict this target levels using Channels and Elliott Wave technique. We recommended this stock when it was quoting near the 1593 levels and was successfully able to catch the up move. See yourself how we were able to catch the up move even before it began.

PVR Weekly chart: (Anticipated as on 27TH September 2021)

PVR Weekly chart: (Happened as on 04th July 2022)

(Following research is taken from Multibagger report published on 27th September 2021)

Multibagger stock recommendation: PVR

Buy Price – Buy at CMP 1593 and more on dips to 1420

Time Horizon – 2 years

Investment – 5% of capital

Target price – ??

Stop loss – ??

Anticipated as on 27TH September 2021– Elliott Wave Theory: The stock is trading near 1593 which is about 20% lower than the lifetime high levels. Within primary degree wave [3] the stock completed intermediate degree wave (1) in late 2013 and wave (2) in June 2015. Since then, the third and fourth waves took the stock to new highs riding along the rising channel.

We can see that in 2020 there was a sharp decline in the form of wave [4] which took prices below the cloud and formed a triangle pattern. The stock has now emerged above the cloud decisively making a higher high and higher low formation which confirms that wave [5] has started on the upside and can travel all the way towards the upper end of the channel.

Happened as on 04th July 2022 – The stock has been moving in sync with our expectation and currently quoting near 1890 levels. It has touched its 52 week high near 2004 levels in the month of March 2022. The up move has been strong and we expect prices to achieve its target of …..levels in coming months. The stock is giving a return in excess of 33% average return in less than a year.

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