Reliance Magic of 86 Period Time Cycles, Astonished!

stock stock market trading Jun 02, 2022
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Reliance Industries has been following 86 period Time cycles on 15 minutes chart exceptionally well. We shared below chart on 31st May 2022 when the stock was trading near 2664 levels.

Reliance Industries: Anticipated on 31st May 2022

Reliance Industries Happened:

Following was mentioned on 31st May 2022 “#Reliance reversing from every 86 period Time cycle period on 15 minutes, Positional trade setup is when prices near lower support trendline and also Time reversal period.”


Reliance moved precisely as expected. As the time was on sell on 31st May, prices moved lower towards the channel support that too within the time frame near 1.30 pm on 1st June from where it reversed back sharply on upside. This clearly shows that if time is on buy side prices will follow. This is the power of Time, Amazing, Isn’t it!

Price and Time confluence - is the most important way to trade markets. Majority of the traders are focused only on prices but not on time which is essential for trader to trade profitably in markets and with consistency. In this game of probability it is important to trade with strict stops and take trades when time favors to make it BIG!

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