Reliance – Time the entry to the Minute!

price action reliance time cycles Oct 13, 2022
Stock Market, Reliance, Trading

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Reliance Industries has been following 87 period Time cycles on 15 minutes chart exceptionally well.

Time Cycles with Price action is the best combination in order to understand take the trades when the time is right.

Reliance Industries 15 minutes chart

Time cycle helps to understand when the time is right. In above chart we are showing 87 period Time cycles on a 15 minutes time frame. This clearly shows that every 87 period Reliance Industries turn on the upside giving a good trending move.

This can be combined along with simple Price action and Candlestick technique can simply be the most important trade setup one can get.

Many are focussing only on prices or indicators but not on time. If the time is not right then the breakouts will fail. It is therefore curcial to understand if the time is in favour.

In a nutshell, Reliance showed strong bounce from 2360 levels when the time was right and moved to 2390 levels. This move is good enough for Intraday traders. For bigger, moves one can use this technique on daily chart or higher time frames.

The technique of time can be applied across the stocks, commodity, currency markets for any time frame traders.

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