Time Cycles and Application on Nifty!

nifty time cycles trading May 24, 2021
Time Cycle

Hurst suggested that there are certain standard cycles which are universal and can be applied on any asset classes. Many cycle analysts often complain that cycles vanish without giving prior indication. The major reason being interaction of different cycles of varying magnitude.

The subject might look complicated but it is no different than Elliott wave principle. The major difference is Hurst Cycle analysis helps us to predict time and Elliott wave focuses more on price. This element of time can help us to forecast the Elliott wave pattern that can form in future.

As shown in below chart we have applied Time cycle on Nifty Daily chart along with Neo Wave. The important part of Hurst Cycle is that if you know that major as well as smaller degree cycles are citing towards probable bottom or top then you can save yourself from making wrong trade. In market “when not to trade is the key to success”.

Following was published on 23rd May 2021 when Nifty was near 14400 levels:

Nifty daily chart with Time Cycles:

Happened as on 24th May 2021:

Following was published on 23rd April:

Time Cycles: We do concur that most of the indicators entered into the sell mode but the cycles are still managing to keep prices afloat. Traders who pay most of the attention to prices and not time might feel the heat of false moves on either side. 55 Days’ Time cycle low has been breached on intraday basis but not on closing basis even now. The recent fall looks to be in form of a Wedge pattern with wave e either under formation or still ongoing. …. whereas move above 14500 will increase the odds of a wedge-shaped pattern. This is option sellers’ market if one can understand the time since other assets might have resulted into stops being triggered on either side. In short, trend for Nifty is sideways with push above 14500 might result into short to cover their positions…It is time now to focus on time theory and not only price for riding the current market environment!

Happened: Nifty reversed exactly as expected on 23rd April and rose sharply from there. Prices touched the high around 15250 levels and rallying by more than 850 points in just a few days of time. Also we had the conviction on the buy side because we knew about the Time Cycles that helped us identify the possible reversal and Time the market to the very Day.

If one knows to apply cycles trust me it is possible to time the market to the very hour and at times to the very minute.

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