Titan - Investment stock selection using Elliot wave

elliott wave multibagger stock titan Sep 14, 2021
Titan, Multibagger Stock, Elliott wave

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Successful investment is not on a function of right stock selection but also the right entry and exit levels. Wave theory helps in identifying the right stock at the right time when it comes to investing. It also gives the perfect levels to maintain a stoploss which ensures capital protection in case of any adversity.

In our Multibagger stock report we cover stocks for investment using Wave analysis to enter at the best opportunity and get maximum returns. Recently we covered Titan on 31st March 2021 and the stock is already up by 32% as of today from our buying levels. Check out for yourself the detailed research below:

Titan weekly Chart as of 14th September (Log Scale):

Following was mentioned on 31st March 2021 in our Multibagger research report -

Titan Monthly Chart (Log Scale) as of 31st March 2021:

Multibagger stock recommendation: Titan

Buy Price – Buy in staggered fashion from 1550 to 1300 zone. Accumulate on declines.

Time Horizon – 1 - 2 years

Investment – 5% of capital

Target price – (refer report) levels

Stop loss - ---- (refer report)      

Refer to detailed research below

Titan Company Ltd. is in the Consumer Durables sector. The main reason to pick this stock is its Impulsive move.

Elliott wave perspective: As shown in the Weekly chart of Titan wave IV ended near the lows of 300 price levels. Currently wave [3] of V is ongoing in an upward sloping channel (shown in the Weekly chart). Since the rise in wave V has been overlapping it indicates that price may be forming an ending diagonal pattern here. In an ending diagonal pattern, the third wave is often found to be 61.8% of the first wave in terms of proportion. Hence accordingly we expect the current wave [3] to move higher up to (refer report) levels. This target is conservative and seems attainable since it is well within the boundaries of the rising channel.

One can maintain stop near 850 as this is near the channel support area. The overall long term trend for Titan is positive and dips up to 1300 will provide an excellent opportunity to accumulate. Conservative target for this stock can be maintained at (refer report) on the upside which is also the 61.8% log projection of wave [1].

Happened: The above report was published on 31st March 2021 when the price of Titan was quoting near 1550 levels and the stock is up by 32% as of today within less than 6 months!

Checkout out the previous performance of Multibagger stocks which we published previously using wave theory and other advanced techniques:

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  2. Berger Paints was published on 11th July 2018 with a buy price of 290-301 and a target of 600 was achieved on 29th September 2021.
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The above analysis clearly shows how one can identify the stocks from a positional investment perspective just with the help of Elliott wave, Channels and other basic indicators. If you wish to build a portfolio we can help you with identifying the stocks which can give alpha returns over the medium to long term holding period. Grab your Multibagger Research Now 

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