Nifty Crashed - Was it predictable using Neo wave?

elliott wave neo wave nifty Dec 23, 2022
Nifty, Trading, Stock market

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Nifty Crashed - Was it predictable using simple technical analysis study and advanced Elliott - Neo wave pattern. Below are the various images from the webinar and Twitter over the past 1 week in which we have mentioned why prices can crash from here using Neo wave and Gann square of 9

Nifty 15 min chart with Neo wave

Nifty H&S 60 Min Chart

Above tweet from 16Dec before it happened, also discussed during live webinar last Friday using Neo wave that we are nearing a crash. Believe me Neo wave works!

Bank Nifty 15 Min Anticipated chart using Neo wave

Bank Nifty Happened (15 Min):

Nifty Happened (H&S with Neo wave) :

All of the above charts clearly show that we have warned using different methods including the Elliott wave and Neo wave that the market can crash, Path of Bank Nifty was shown during the live webinar with 1000s of participants using GPS of the market, Also we have mentioned in our daily research report in the Financial waves short term update. You are witnessing the power of Elliott wave and Neo wave.

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