Trading Nifty using Time Cycles on 15 Minutes Chart

nifty time time cycles Jun 06, 2024

Time Cycles is a powerful Technical analysis study that can give a very clear reversal areas to traders.

Ever happened that even after knowing the trend it is difficult to make money because the timing was off by just an hour? Here is the solution to the problem.

Combine the trade with concept of Time.

Now look at the below charts of Nifty on a 15-minute chart

Nifty 15 minutes chart: 43-period Time cycle

The above chart clearly highlights areas of reversal and again these are not big time frame charts but 15 minutes.

Nifty 15 minutes chart shows 43 period Time cycle – we can clearly see that every 43 period with a few candles leeway prices reverse the trend from down to up. It has happened so precisely on many occasions to the very period and it clearly suggest that by knowing this information a trader can align his / her existing studies with Time period and enter the market exactly when it is supposed to reverse.

When the overall trend was on the downside prices gave short-term pullback on the upside. When the trend was positive, prices gave big swing from the time cycle period.

We can clearly see that after the low formed post-crash on the election result day on 4th June 2024, prices reversed up and started consolidating. Post that from 22000 there was a huge move to 22860 levels which started from the time cycle. A whopping 860 points move

By combining price action along with Time cycle on 15 minutes and even 5 minutes chart it is possible to time the entry to very Day, Hour and Minute.

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