TVS Motor can this be Multibagger?

stock market time cycles tvs motor Nov 06, 2023

TVS Motor can this be Multibagger?

Time Cycle helps to understand if the overall trend is going to reverse back on upside. TVS Motor has shown a good rally and we predicted this up move even before the rally started using Time cycle in our weekly webinar with 1000 of participants dated on 1st July 2023.

TVS Motor is following 164 Days’ Time cycle very well and we can clearly see that prices are forming low every time it approaches near to this cycle which can be seen from below charts.

TVS Motors – Anticipated as per Time cycle Daily chart (Anticipated on 1st July with 1000 of participants in Weekly webinar)

TVS MOTORS – Happened as on 6th November 2023

We have been discussing about TVS Motor following 164 Day’s time cycle for more than a year now. The stock was trading near 1280 levels when we presented this as opportunity during the webinar when no one expected it to move from 1280 to 1634 levels. On the above chart, we can see that on every 164 days TVS Motor has a tendency to form a low and bounce back on upside.

Recent low was also formed near our cycle which was due on 14th August near 1280-1290 levels. Since then stock has shown an excellent rally of more than 26%.