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Options are amazing instrument and if one is aware on how to form simple strategy using Options buying and selling it is possible to make money in any market environment. Option Mantra (OM) will give 5 strong Mantras that is must for every Options Trader. 

Sutra of Waves  (SOW) is about forecasting markets using Elliott wave - Neo wave and Ichimoku Cloud. We have published research in the year 2013 that Sensex will touch 61000 levels in 7 to 8 years and in year 2021 Sensex crossed above 61000 levels.

For ensuring this, there is a systematic process which is followed and the entire Become Market Wizard (BMW - TRISHUL) course is divided into three different modules – Option Mantra (OM), Elliott wave and Sutra of Waves (SOW).

You do not need to have any prior knowledge about the markets and we will ensure that the course will make you understand right from the basics of Options, forming simple strategy, Breakout Methods for Intraday and Swing trading to becoming a pro in trading.

Options Mantra (OM)
  • Online videos of 2 days of Options Mantra Event 
  • 5 Mantras Must for Options Trading
  • Keltner Channel Breakout
  • KST Momentum tool
  • Price Action methods
  • Super Trend Trading System
  • Moving Average Crossover System
  • Simple Option Strategy for Intraday and Swing Trading
  • Learn The Systematic process For Gap Up And Gap Downs
  • Nifty & Bank Nifty Options Buying Strategy
  • Learn to Pick The Right Strike Price
  • Option Buying and Selling Trading Plan
  • Identifying the trend and trading in the direction of the trend
  • Pattern targets and stop-loss calculations
  • Volume Profile and Open Interest & Option Chain Analysis
  • Learn The Best Risk Management Formula to Calculate Risks.
  • Understanding payoff charts with Option Greeks Delta, Theta, Vega
  • Generating passive source of Income using Options
 Sutra of Waves (SOW) - Sowing the seeds of Forecasting
  • Online videos of 2 days of the Sutra of Waves Event
  • Elliott Wave and application on Futures & Options
  • Neo Wave patterns
  • Fibonacci Trading System
  • Two-stage confirmations for capturing key reversals
  • Ichimoku Cloud Trading System
  • Newly discovered patterns – Diametric, Extracting Triangle, Neutral Triangle
  • Trade setups, Application of the concepts on charts
  • Using Neo wave patterns for Intraday and Swing Trading
  • Forecasting the stocks and plotting the path ahead
Who Should attend?

Anyone a Graduate, House Wife, Beginner, Trader having years of trading experience, Research analyst, Brokers, Student looking forward to make career in financial markets or an Expert in Elliott wave can attend and look at the market that is seen by 10% of the traders who are actually making money.

By following simple rules and methods can make a killing in market if one takes a systematic risk and understands the probability of success.


The training is ideal for those who want to analyze and understand Equity / Commodity / Forex markets in detail. Traders or investors who want to learn on how to build their investment portfolios or do trading for living. The course is designed for anyone and everyone keen to learn systematic way of trading using scientific approach. The only pre-requisite is passion for learning objective method of trading.

Options Mantra (OM)

INR 22,000/-

18% GST extra

  • Original Price 49000 /-
  • Online videos of 2 days of Options Mantra Event 
  • 5 Mantras for complete transformation
  • Keltner Channel Breakout
  • KST Momentum Trading
  • Price Action
  • Super trend trading system
  • Moving Average Crossover system
  • Volume Profile and Open Interest Analysis
  • Expiry Day Trade Setups
  • Option Buying and Selling Trading Plan
  • Generating passive source of Income trading Options

Sutra of Waves (SOW)

INR 22,000/-

18% GST extra

  • Original Price 49000 /-
  • Online videos of 2 days of the Sutra of Waves Event
  • Elliott Wave
  • Neo Wave Patterns
  • Two Stage faster retracement for catching major Tops and Lows
  • Fibonacci trading System
  • Ichimoku Cloud Trade Setups
  • New patterns - Diametric, Extracting Triangle, Running Pattern
  • Post pattern Implications and targets
  • Forecasting the Future
  • Forecasting Market turns to very Day, Hour, Minute
  • Solid Trading Plan to Make it BIG

Become Market Wizard (BMW) Season 3

INR 32,000/-

18% GST extra

  • Original Price 98,000/-
  • Online videos of 2 days of Options Mantra Event 
  • Online videos of 2 days of the Sutra of Waves Event
  • Lifetime Access to 10 Bonus Videos
  • 1 Month of Free Equity Research Report
  • Master of Technical Analysis Free access
  • Free Access 6 Hours of Elliott Wave videos
  • Live pass to Options Mantra (OM)
  • Live Pass to Sutra of Waves (SOW)
  • Time Forecasting to Catch Reversal Trading
  • Option Trading Strategy
  • Trading Options for generating strong passive income using Elliott wave & Neo wave


Enroll for BMW and get :

  • 5 Bonus Videos 
  • Free Equity research report for 1 Week
  • MOTA S2 Free access for 10 Days of past recording
  • EW Free 6 Hours Video Link for 1 Month
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We thoroughly believe Traders are not born but made. By following a method that has stood test of time, having successful track record and easy to implement it is very much possible to trade profitably with consistency.

It does not matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced trader already. The techniques discussed will be an eye opener for everyone who wants to make consistent profits across different markets. You do not have to look at markets throughout the day but just spend 15 to 30 minutes a day.

ABOUT ASHISH KYAL, CMT, Mentor, Author :

Ashish Kyal is a (CMT – USA)' Mentor, Trader, Trainer, Author of International Book. Ashish is the Founder of SEBI registered research firm and learning platform Ashish Kyal Trading Gurukul which is to share across the scientific approach to trading and investments using Elliott wave, Neo wave, Hurst’s Time cycles, Gann methods.

He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT – USA) and is a frequent speaker on business channels like CNBC Awaaz, CNBC TV18, BTVi, ET NOW, IIM Trichy, NSE Investor Awareness and Rajya Sabha TV. He is a regular columnist for the Economic Times section of Navbharat Times, a leading newspaper. He has won many Trade shows like Bulls Eye on CNBCTV18, Khiladi No. 1 on CNBC Awaaz, Buy Now Sell Now on ET Now.

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A Few Words from our Successful Gurukul Participants

Nilesh Pawar

One should attend 2 MOTA 2 MOW atleast 1 Mentorship program for me for in financial world your are next to God like Mr. Modi for world.

Siva Das

A fantastic way of teaching. Mind blowing. I made so many losses in trading than profit. But after attending training I could see a lot of improvement in myself. Came to profit mode after a series of losses. Really grateful for Ashish sir for the same. 

Prof Verma

“Nice and effective to implement. Ashish sir's subject matter expertise and indepth knowledge is unmatchable. Few more practice examples and workbook for mentees to learn would be ideal.”

Mitesh Kumar

Ashish Sir has built a strong ecosystem of people interested in trading and learning. Its an amazing experience connecting with so many people who want to learn and grow.

Prashanth Agarwal

Learning Elliott wave and Neo Wave was always a thing I wanted to do being in the profession of trading and could not find anyone else apart from Ashish sir who can teach the topic so well and being with him via the mentorship program is just amazing as it leads to a transformation in you as a trader.