Time Forecasting and Cyclical Analysis Combining Hurst’s, Gann Cycles – Master of Cycles (MOC) by Ashish Kyal, CMT

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We have been doing lot of research on Cycles for more than a decade. Time Forecasting is most important subject and very less talked about. Probably because time is a dynamic component and not easy to forecast. We received overwhelming participation in the Master of Waves (MOW) seminar and now we will be discussing about Time Forecasting using Cycle analysis.

Everything  nature is governed by Cycles which is repeatable in nature. There are Seasonality Cycles, Decennial Cycle, Lunar Cycle, Solar Cycle and many more. Financial markets movement which is nothing but manifestation of the human thought process, psychology and perception about the future is also governed by Cyclical movements. Join us for the Training on Kaal Chakra - Master of Cycles (MOC).

Without Time, Trading Can Be Disaster!

Yes, If you are a trader and cannot time the market then even if you are on right side of trend you will lose.

Time is the most important aspect of trading and least talked about. I have been trading and researching on Time Cycles for more than a decade and trust me it has simply changed the way to see the markets.

Even when I was able to pick the trend but was off by a few hours I lost a lot. It was then I decided that without time making a fortune is next to impossible and my quest to be a successful trader led to this huge discovery of Time Cycles.

This I am ready to share with everyone because the phenomenon is just amazing and my mission is to make every single trader to be successful because I have seen the pain when you fail again and again. I forecasted Sensex target of 61k and BankNifty 40k in the year 2013 within 7 to 8 years and here we are BANG ON!

So, are you ready to receive this amazing tool of Time for making all the difference in your trading.


  1. Time the turn to the very Day, Hour and at times to the very Minute
  2. Different type of Cycle analysis – Hurst’s Cycle Analysis
  3. Gann Time Forecasting and Cycle analysis using Square of Nine
  4. De-trending prices to identify Cyclicality easily
  5. Understanding Seasonality for forming Quantitative aspect of Trading
  6. Why Timing the markets is utmost important to be a Successful Trader
  7. Trade Setups using Futures and Options
  8. Using FLD Indicator and Pring Special K 


The training is ideal for those who want to analyze and understand Equity / Commodity / Forex markets in detail. Traders or investors who want to learn on how to build their investment portfolios or do trading for living. The course is designed for anyone and everyone keen to learn systematic way of trading using scientific approach. The only pre-requisite is passion for learning objective method of trading.

About Trainer:

Ashish Kyal is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT – USA), Author of the book published Globally, carries vast experience of analyzing World Equity, Currency, Commodity, Cryptocurrency markets using techniques like Elliott Waves, Neo wave,Time Cycles, and momentum tools like RSI, MACD, Moving averages, customized indicators. He is a frequent speaker on business channels like ET Now, Zee Business, CNBC TV18, BTVi, CNBC Awaaz, Rajya Sabha TV and Bloomberg Quint.


  • Members of Equity, Commodity, Currency exchanges
  • Brokers / Traders / Dealers
  • Research analysts in Equity, Commodity and Currency markets
  • Students who aspire to pursue career in Financial Markets
  • Treasury dealers of Banks and Corporate

Kaal Chakra (Master of Cycles)

Time the markets to the very Day, hour and very minute


Jayesh K

"It was really an excellent training program on Time cycles with in-depth coverage of concept and practical application on charts on multiple time frames. Mr. Kyal is a master trainer in explaining complex concepts in simple language. Hats off to him for sharing his years of vast knowledge with the course participants."

Simran manglani

"Really amazing. now looking at markets from a different perspective. I wasn't aware one could time markets so well. this will help me a lot with my trading. Thank you so much."

Hussain Bagasrawala

"The program is an eye-opener, how time plays a role in price movement was an alien concept to me until this course and no one I have met even talks about a relationship between TIME and PRICE, all in all it has been a super learning experience."