Time cycles is a very powerful technique but highly under-rated. Timing the market is most important as a lot of money can be made or lost if market timing is incorrect.

Hurst’s Time cycle methods help us to time the turns precisely at the lows and then we combine that with Advance Elliott wave – Neo wave methods

See the below chart of Nifty when it crashed and we pointed out the possible reversal areas. It was shown in the morning daily research report – The Financial Waves short term update

Nifty hourly chart: Anticipated on 22nd December 2020


Nifty hourly chart: Happened

Following was mentioned on 22nd December morning research when Nifty was trading near 13300 levels.

“On Nifty daily chart, we have shown the entire rise as Diametric and the current fall can be wave f. It will be important to see the closing today and there is minor buy cycle kicking in today post 11.30 – 12 pm. Let us see if this cycle can help prices to bounce back or…..

It seems that the entire rise has been in overlapping and not impulsive and we are now in wave f. Post completion of wave f we can see one minor push back on upside in the form of wave g. This also looks plausible as many who have missed the trend will start jumping in and so reversals on upside can be equally violent as well. So from here on it is best to keep a watch on the low created yesterday near 13131 levels… Any reversal back above 13500 will suggest wave f is over and final wave g has started higher which can again trap investors and traders giving opportunity to smart money for further offloading their positions.”

The above clearly shows how by combining Time cycles turning time along with Neo wave helped in capturing a strong reversal exactly at the lows. This shows power of forecasting and in this fast moving market if one cannot time the trade making money is going to be challenging.

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