3 powerful indicators on Nifty (That actually work)

ichimoku cloud nifty trading Jul 02, 2020

Understanding and capitalizing the trend with the help of important techniques like Elliottwave, Ichimoku and Bollinger!

Nifty has shown consolidating moves before the up move. But if you combine even 3important methods like Bollinger band Channels and Ichimoku Cloud you canprobably make a killing in the movement. The up move in Nifty could have been capturedusing these simple trading systems

See how one can trade Nifty using Ichimoku Cloud, Band, Wave counts.

See yourself below chart of Nifty on 60 mins scale with Ichimoku cloud, Bollinger and channels.

Nifty 60 minutes chart with Ichimoku:

3 powerful indicators on Nifty (That actually work)

Nifty 60 minutes chart with Bollinger Bands:

3 powerful indicators on Nifty (That actually work)

Following are the 3 powerful indicators. This might look common but if enough attention is paid it will provide important information that will help in increasing the trading accuracy.

Ichimoku Cloud: On the hourly chart post making a swing high near 10553 levels (on 24thJune, near channel resistance) price dipped in the Ichimoku cloud and in the previous session bounced above it, which is a classic buy setup. Allowing base, conversion and lagging lines in sync i.e prices are placed above these lines giving a long trade setup.

Bollinger Band: Post witnessing consolidation of 3-4 days which is also seen on bands where band have squeezed. Recently we have seen the break out and band expansion. What made expansion into is that, prices were trading between middle and upper band which gave positive confirmation.

Elliott- Neo Wave pattern: We can see wave (d) has been terminated near the channel support which played an important from where the prices bounced off. Currently price can be seen moving in the form of wave (e).

You can see how these methods are simple but very effective for trading. The trading strategies are also given in the daily morning research report with clear targets and stoploss.

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