Nifty Lunar Cycle along with 55 Days Time Cycle – Is it Time to Buy?

lunar cycle nifty price action Jan 23, 2023
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Market movement is governed by cycles of Time. This means that the lows and tops are formed in rhythmic fashion and not randomly.

Many thinks that events are the reason for movement of stocks or indices but that is not the case.

Below chart of Nifty shows Lunar cycle along with Full Moon (highlight below the price) and No moon (empty circle above the price)

Nifty Lunar and 55 Days Time Cycles

As shown in above chart since the low formed at 15200 on most of the No moon or Amvasya we have seen market forming a low and reversing on the upside from there for a period of 3 days. 21st January 2023 marked No Moon or Amavasya, so as per this we can expect buyers to have upper hand over next 2 to 3 days.

55 Days Time Cycle – Most of the lows formed by Nifty is every 55 Days Time period. This is derived as per scientific approach of Hurst’s Time cycles. The red dotted line represents the average 55 days cycle. The same cycle is now due again on 24th January 2023. So the confluence of Lunar and 55 Days Time is suggesting that Bulls can have upper hand from here on which can also result into a Pre- Budget rally.

Price action -  It is important to combine price action along with Timing tools to ensure correct application. Time trading requires proper trade setups and if understood correctly can result into sharp rise in trading accuracy and forecasting ability. So, break above 18180 will bring price and Time both in sync on buy side.

In a nutshell, when Time is supportive chances of valid breakouts are higher. This way one can avoid false breaks.

Isn’t this astonishing to see how well the Time governs stock market and events are also following it extremely well.

We apply this concept of Time even on 15 minutes and 5 minutes Time frame and the same has worked out amazing for our Mentorship participants. It has lead to transformation and we call this Elite group of traders as #TimeTraders.

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