Tata Consumers Intraday Futures Call Trade Setup with Targets

trading Aug 06, 2020

Tata Consumer was on the top gainers list in today’s trading session and we were able to capitalise on up move for the intraday basis. Just by Using simple channeling technique and Ichimoku cloud learn how to ride the trend on short term basis.

See below the chart and research what made us to gauge the more than 4% up move on daily basis.

Tata Consumers Fut 5 min chart:

Tata Consumers Intraday Futures Call Trade Setup with Targets

Trade Analysis:

We are showing Tata consumers futures 5 min chart which will justify intraday trading strategy setup.

As seen on 5 min chart: prices are moving in well channelized manner. And we can see sharp rally bounce off from exact channel support and moved toward the upper trendline with fast momentum. Also as per Ichimoku clouds the positive buy setup was confirm when prices reversed from below the cloud and break above the cloud decisively. Plus the base and conversion (red and blue lines) were rising on faster pace confirming strong positive momentum upcoming.

Since it was intraday setup we went on a lower time frame to capture the up move. However the stock was hinting positive bias on all time frames. And Still the stock is moving higher and higher gaining more than 5%.

Following was the intraday call given in futures to our clients in today’s session.

Call given at 9.38am: TATACONSUM FUT BUY ABOVE 456.5 SL 455.2 TGT1 457.6 TGT2 458.6

Target 1 and 2 achieved by 9.50am: TATACONSUM FUT BUY CALL GIVEN TGT2 ACHIEVED AT 458.6

The above is to showcase that by combining various time frames one can generate classic trade setup using Ichimoku along with simple channels can work amazing well.
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