Budget 2022 - Trade Setup on Nifty!

budget 2022 nifty time cycles Jan 31, 2022
Budget 2022, Time cycles, Nifty

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Budget 2022 is going to result into highly volatile movement and we have to see if FM Sitharaman manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Curbing inflation and managing growth is going to be challenging. But we cannot trade on basis of what is going to be announced. So, we have to rely on charts and path as per Time cycles and Neo wave.

Look at the below chart of Nifty published during Master of Waves session on 16th January 2022.

Nifty path shown on 16th Jan 2022 in Master of Waves session still holding true, Are you not thrilled to see this happening...

As per above chart, wave e is pending on upside. Let see if market follows its own path irrespective of the Budget outcome.

Below is the chart of Nifty path showed on 25th January at 4pm webinar on Time Lunar cycle over here

Nifty is following it precisely completing triangle at the end of wave d possibly. Power of timing the market and become #TimeTrader

Let see if the above hold true or not. As per above prices can push towards 17800 levels. Any break below 17100 followed by 16800 will negate the above expectations and result into severe selloff.

So, for Budget trade, one should be open to wild swings and trade with strict stoploss placed in the system. If one cannot digest the wild gyrations than better enjoy sitting out and seeing the outcome rather than blaming anyone for the volatility in markets!

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