HDFC Bank 53 Day’s Time Cycle working like magic!

hdfc bank share market stock market stocks Oct 23, 2023
HDFC Bank 53 Day’s Time Cycle working like magic!

Time Cycle helps to understand if the overall trend is going to reverse back on upside. This is advanced technical analysis method for timing the market.

HDFC Bank is following 53 Day’s Time cycle very well and we can clearly see that prices are forming low every time it approaches near to this cycle. See detail research below how one can predict this early move with the help of Time cycle!

Below is the chart of HDFC Bank along with 53 Days Trading Time cycle.

HDFC Bank 53 Period Time Cycles on the Daily chart

Time Cycle analysis: The best way to enter the trend is on the basis of Time cycles. Cycles are essentially used to capture lows. In the above chart as well, we can see most of the lows are formed on our cycle and after almost every 53 period, HDFC Bank has shown a positive reversal. If prices confirm along with Time it can give best conviction for traders.

In the month of September also we can see prices made a low near our cycle and showed a good rise from 1560 to 1670 levels. In mid of September low of cycle was taken out. This suggests that top is made and high of 1670 will not be taken out until 9th November. Since our next cycle is due on 9th November so we expect prices to remain sideways or under some pressure.

Time Cycle gives much earlier signals and it is working like magic. Time Cycles are powerful studies that can give reversal areas.

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