Hurst’s Time cycles combined with advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave by Ashish Kyal, CMT

Aug 26, 2020

Consideration of time cycles are important because the cycle periodicity can change and so a trader has to keep tweaking the cycle length from time to time to keep it up to the mark with the changing market dynamics. At the same instance, a trade if not timed correctly can result into a non-desirous outcome and it is therefore important to combine the price forecasting tools along with time cycles to understand the major turning junctures. There are recurring cycles in financial markets and by identifying the cyclicality one can forecasts the possible tops or bottoms and accordingly takes trading or investing positions.

J. M. Hurst has defined that there are multiple cycles of different magnitude acting on the market prices. The value of the smaller cycle at that point of time is summed with the value of one bigger cycle which is then summed to the value of a longer cycle. This results into a composite cycle.

He suggested that there are certain standard cycles which are universal and can be applied on any asset classes. Many cycle analysts often complain that cycles vanish without giving prior indication. The major reason being interaction of different cycles of varying magnitude. By combining Time cycles along with Elliott wave it can assist traders in forecasting the trend and it plausible reversal areas.

During complex corrective patterns it becomes difficult to identify the maturity of trend and Time cycles help in a big way. If one is aware that a probable bottom or low should be formed in near vicinity it prepares a trader to take much better trading decisions. At the same time if the cycles have topped out it indicates that the top will not be taken out until the next cycle low is in place. This information becomes all the more important to a derivative trader as they can form an option strategy based on the cycle analysis.

We combine advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave for price forecasting and Time cycles for reversal days. Both combined together provide a holistic approach to the entire trade setup.

Below is the gist of research and chart taken from July monthly report published under -“The Financial Waves Monthly Update

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Hurst’s Time cycles combined with advanced Elliott wave

— days’ Time cycle – This cycle is known for forming important lows provided we see tops atleast a few days prior if not week before the cycle bottom. This cycle low is now due on — August but the index has not shown any correction before the cycle day. Past history shows whenever prices rallies into this cycle instead of falling it results into a few days of correction after the cycle. This phenomenon in known as Inversion but should be used carefully. It has become very important to see price behaviour for a week beyond ……to confirm if it results into an inversion or the mania gains steam further from here on.

This study of cycle analysis is independent of price forecasting that we do using Advanced Elliott wave i.e. Neo wave. Imagine the power if Time cycles and Neo wave price pattern both are in sync and pointing towards same direction.

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