Infosys: Multibagger Stock Elliott Wave Impulse 3rd wave stock selection

infosys stocks trading Jan 12, 2021

Infosys had been touching new lifetime highs and has given amazing returns so far in our Multibagger stock recommendations.

Majority had been waiting on side-lines to get into such stocks but we recommended it right before the trend started using Elliott wave and Time cycles

Look at the below chart where Infosys 870-960 stock was recommended:

Infosys Daily chart: (Buy Given near 870-960 range)

Multibagger stock recommendation on 28th July 2020: Berger Paints

Buy Price – Buy at CMP 960 and more on dips to 870

Time Horizon – 2 -3 years

Investment – 5% of capital

Target price – 1750 levels

Stop loss – 600

Refer detailed research below

Elliott wave perspective: It has shown an impulsive rise. As per wave perspective corrective wave (2) which was forming a diametric pattern has been terminated near 450 levels and near channel support. Currently we are moving in strongest and longest wave (3). So we are moving in very powerful and impulse wave (3) which could take prices towards …… or higher levels which are the upper trendline of the channel.

In a nutshell, it is ideal time to start accumulating IT stocks. As mentioned earlier the target for this stock comes to around ….. On the upside. The rise has been impulsive in nature. The trend for Infosys is positive as long as 600 levels remain intact on downside. Buying can be done in staggered fashion towards 870 levels in this stock!

Happened so far: We had recommended this stock just 6 months ago to b clients. Up till now we are getting more than 45% returns. The journey of this stock is still long way as we are seeing the impulse wave in progression.

We had recently posted about Berger Paint Multibagger which was a similar pick. To read about it click here.

The above analysis clearly shows how one can identify the stocks from positional investment perspective just with the help of Elliott wave, time cycles and other basic indicators. If you wish to build portfolio we can help you with identifying the stocks which can give alpha returns over medium to long term holding period. Grab your Multibagger Research Report NowClick here

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