Multibagger Stock: JKTYRE up by 80% in just a year!!

jk tyre multibagger stock stock market stocks Oct 16, 2023
Multibagger Stock: JKTYRE up by 80% in just a year!!

It is possible to capture a massive move in a shorter time frame with the help of Time cycle and simple Elliott wave.

We had recommended to buy JKTYRE in our Multibagger stock report back in September 2022 around 175 levels! Below shows a detailed chart and analysis that the stock followed. 

JKTYRE Weekly Chart Anticipated as on 23rd September 2022

JKTYRE Daily Chart Anticipated as on 23rd September 2022

Wave analysis as on 23rd September 2022

We are showing the weekly chart of the stock. As we can see the entire fall was in form of wave (2). After making low near 32 levels we witnessed a strong rally which lead prices to make all time high of 197. After completing wave (2) near the lows of 32 we are now in the strongest wave [3] this is the best leg to be a part of because it can fetch maximum gains in minimum time.

Prices are moving in the form of Terminal impulse since the lows of 2009 so legs will be corrective. On the daily chart, currently wave a is unfolding on the upside. Prices are moving precisely within upward slopping red channel and has taken support on lower trendline in past sessions indicating its acting as support. As long as this support trendline remains protected on downside bias remains positive. On the daily chart, cycle has worked out well. Recently, in July month prices made low exactly near the cycle and since then good rally was witnessed.

In a nutshell, outlook for JKTYRE remains bullish from medium to long term perspective. Short term consolidation or correction towards 155 cannot be ruled out but that will provide excellent opportunity to enter for the target of 315 or higher on upside with 105 as important support on the downside. 

JKTYRE Weekly chart (Happened as on 16th October 2023) 


We have published in our Multibagger Report on 23rd September 2022 in which we have covered a stock named JKTYRE. At the time of the update the stock was trading around 175 levels. Recently stock has achieved our target of 315 and made high of 317.7. Stock has shown movement of 80% in one year of span.

Time Cycle and Elliott wave works brilliantly if one knows how to apply it correctly. So, using Time cycle one can derive path ahead for intraday and positional on stocks and even on index as well.

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