Nifty, Bank Nifty, Bajaj Finance – How Elliott Wave can help Trading Profitably?

bajaj finance bank nifty elliott wave nifty May 01, 2023
Nifty, Bank Nifty, Bajaj Finance – How Elliott Wave can help Trading Profitably?

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Nifty, Bank Nifty and stocks like Bajaj Finance are moving in predictable patterns of Elliott wave with big player’s activity that can be seen as per Volume profile.

Many charts shown below are taken from exclusive webinar conducted to spread awareness about this scientific approach to trading. It reflects how one can trade using Elliott wave – GPS of the market.

Nifty Futures hourly chart with Volume profile – Anticipated


Nifty moved precisely as per the path shown on Volume profile. Prices reversed from 17900 levels on downside and then moved sharply higher.

Bank Nifty hourly chart as per GPS – Elliott wave path


Bank Nifty has moved precisely as per Elliott wave pattern. The above path was shown to 1000s of participants during live exclusive webinar and what we expect Bank Nifty to do.

Anticipated on 23rd April and Bank Nifty moved precisely as per the path shown. Showed sharp move on upside despite of majority of traders were not ready for explosive move on Bank Nifty. This shows power of Elliott wave Impulse pattern.

Nifty 5 minutes chart – Elliott wave (Anticipated on 23rd April 2023)

Happened as on 28th April 2023:

Elliott wave applied on 5 minutes chart of Nifty where the breakout was predicted on 23rd April 2023. Post completion of wave c in form of Ending Diagonal pattern it was expected that move above 17660 will start the next leg up in form of bigger wave 3.

Happened – Prices moved precisely as expected, completed wave c and moved sharply up crossing even above 18k levels. This move was perfectly in sync with Elliott wave.

Bajaj Finance Volume profile – Anticipated on 23rd April 2023

Bajaj Finance Happened on 28th April 2023:

Bajaj Finance charts above show how prices moved from Volume profile area. This technique of trading had been discussed in detail in Options Trading Using Technical Analysis (OTTA).

Happened: Bajaj Finance declared the results and the stock started gaining upside momentum but even before the move happened we were able to predict this by looking at volume profile.

Above charts gives enough proof that it works and these charts were shown before the move happened in live exclusive webinar with 1000s of participants. Trust me, It WORKS!

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