Nifty – Post Budget & Adani, Big Trend is About to Start, Are You Ready?

adani budget nifty Feb 02, 2023

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#Budget resulted into sharp move on upside on 1st February 2023 taking Nifty to highs of 17970 but then Adani group stocks started bleeding and pushing everything down back to 17350 levels.

Event day’s high and lows are crucial and so a trend will emerge once a break of these levels are seen.

Below is the video discussing strategy on Nifty post Budget.


Nifty 55 Days Time Cycle along with Future Line of Demarcation (FLD)

Time Cycle analysis with Neo wave – In the above chart we are showing 55 Days Time Cycle (represented by red dotted line). As shown everytime prices approach int eh zone of Time cycle we have seen bounce back on the upside. This time as well prices are now within this zone.

Price action along with Time cycles is very important and only once we have positive confirmation by break of key levels we can get targets as per Time. Yes, it is possible to derive targets as well from Time by concept known as Future Line of Demarcation (FLD)

Black line is FLD which is derived by shifting prices to the right side on the basis of Time Period. We will look at this concept in much detail during Master of Cycles program for now let us see its application.

From above chart it can be seen that whenever prices intersect the FLD line we get the target on upside or on the downside. The target is the height before the crossover projected from the intersection as shown by red lines.

Every single time in past 1 year we can see the targets are achieved. Even the recent fall achieved the target on downside which is simply amazing.

Now the FLD line is at 18000 levels and if Nifty manages to cross above this level we will get upside targets.

The same concept can be extended to short term Time cycles even on 15 minutes and 5 minutes Time frame for Intraday Traders.

In a nutshell, Hurst’s Time cycles not only give Time reversal areas right from day, hour and minute but also the targets. It is complete trading system in itself if applied correctly.

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