Nifty: Embrace the Crash! Are you Ready Yet

nifty trading Mar 19, 2020

We have been warning about the upcoming Tsunami since past 3 weeks and only if you would have taken it seriously there would have been the opportunity to not only save from the crash but to cash the crash by way of shorting.

Following research was published on 9th March 2020 when Nifty was trading near 11000 levels – Nifty Mayhem – Are you Ready for BEAR

We have been vocal through our weekly Friday webinar videos since past many weeks about the impending Bear market and the stand has been vindicated so far. To see the past few webinars simply visit the Elliott wave channel over here

Now look at the below chart of Nifty on the log scale. We have shown same chart on arithmetic scale in our monthly update.

Given the intensity of the crash it warrants to publish interim update to the clients. The downside targets are already achieved and given the recent price action there is a possibility that the fall is comparable to 1987 and not 2008. We will be mentioning the downside targets with complete systematic approach in the interim update. You can get access over here

Now look at the below chart of Nifty on a log scale

Nifty weekly chart:

Do you recognise the pattern?

We have been talking about the Diametric pattern over many years and prices have behaved very much in as per our expectations. This pattern belongs to Neo wave – Advanced Elliott wave.

We do not want to create panic but just pointing out what the charts are suggesting. No readings on indicators will be oversold if this is a true bear market. And the biggest blunder that anyone can do is to go longs just because RSI is below 25. This will no longer work.

During Bear market all your system needs to be changed. The algos will fail miserably if it is not back tested for past 50 years since we are seeing a crash not even seen in 2008.

So, I had published on 9th March 2020, Are you ready and I am publishing it again! This looks like just the beginning and it is going to be extended this time.

So, to see the levels plausible in this bear market and how to capitalize from here on even if you have been on sidelines all the while, simply get access to the daily short term research report – “The Financial Waves short term update” and monthly research “The Financial Waves Monthly update” over here.

Equip yourself with tools, indicators, methods that are necessary for trading this bear market. Do not fall under the trap of buying if RSI goes above 40. Each of the parameters will change. Safe guard yourself from anyone claiming such novice methods. I will be explaining in much detail the ongoing Bear market in the online session of Master of Technical analysis (MOTA) scheduled in two days. Know more here