Nifty – Full Moon Lunar Cycle 14th June 2022, Will it Reverse the Trend?

stock stock market trading Jun 14, 2022
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Lunar cycles or Moon phases have impact on stock markets and we can clearly understand it by seeing the synchronization of Lunar cycle with important tops or lows formed on Nifty.

Lunar cycle is comprised of 28 – 29 Days which is further divided into two parts – Full moon or Pournima and New moon or Amavasya.

Nifty Daily chart:

Based on the above chart we can clearly see that during the entire up move until October 2021 there was a clear trend reversals on the cycle days. Full moon acted as the day of positive reversal and prices trended sharply on upside after that. New moon or Amavasya resulted into consolidation or sideways action. This synchronized behavior worked extremely well until Nifty topped out in October 2021. Post this the cyclicality changed and Full moon acted as a bearish trend. Most of the tops formed after October 2021 was after the Full moon cycles. New moon worked little lunatic with forming lows on occasions but also as tops intermittently. So, new moon cycles seem to be more reliable compared to new moon or no moons.

On 16th May 2022, Full moon resulted into a bottom when prices were also near the channel support. From there we saw a good up move from lows of 15740 till 16800 levels. Amavasya or new moon resulted into sideways to downside action with a whipsaw in between.

Now on 14th June 2022 we are again standing on the Full moon which has been reliable reversal cycle. Since prices are near the support of channel and the previous full moon acted as a low there is possibility this time as well it can result into a similar behavior i.e. reverse the trend from down to up. However, remember Time is dynamic and it is important to have price confirmation along with Time before betting on to the trend. A failed cycle is also a vital information if one is aware how to trade these cycles.

In a nutshell, breach below the low of 15670 – 15650 will keep the overall trend on downside but any push back above 15900 – 16000 will indicate that the Full moon cycle is into play and we will start seeing upside thrust or retracement.

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