Nifty Intraday Analysis on 15 min Chart with Time Cycles & Neo Wave patterns

elliott wave nifty trading Nov 27, 2020

Nifty had been following the Time cycles extremely well and it is a very powerful tool to apply if only you know how to use it.
Trading successfully and profitably is easy only if you have the right tools and know when not to trade. Also, cutting the losses short and letting profits run is utmost important.

Nifty Time cycles on intraday chart and Elliott wave patterns is a very powerful combination.

Nifty 15 minutes chart:

Elliott Wave analysis: Above chart shows that prices have been following the Time cycles extremely well even on the 15 minutes chart. This indicates that every specific time period prices turn on the upside. For detailed periodicity and approach we will be mentioning it in our daily morning research report. We have been aware that if the conviction is correct but the timing is off even by an hour the trade can turn into a non – profitable one. So timing the trade is utmost important. Along with that it is also crucial to know which pattern the markets are forming.

Neo wave analysis suggest that the rise from the lows of around 11600 has been in the form of double corrective and prices are moving now in the form of wave e of the second corrective pattern. It is highly probable that this pattern can be a Neutral triangle pattern. However, only a break of important levels along with time cycle confirmation will provide us with a trade setup. Time cycle low is approaching and it will be crucial to see how prices behave hereon. To understand Neo wave patterns in detail consider looking at the Master of Waves.

In a nutshell, Time cycles with Elliott wave can not only assist from bigger time frame perspective but also from short term trading opportunities right from tick charts to 15 minutes time frame. Astonished yet! Apply to see it and get thrilled how precisely everything works.

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