Nifty Time Cycles for Intraday Trading

intraday trading nifty stock market stocks Oct 04, 2023
Nifty Time Cycles for Intraday Trading

It is possible to Time the market and trade in direction of trend. Combining price action and Time both together is utmost important.

Nifty has been moving as per the rhythm of Time extremely well. Below chart of Nifty shows the path that we derived much ahead on 30th Sep with 1000’s of participants during live webinar.

This is one of the possible path discussed as long as 19720 remained protected and price made lower highs and lower lows.

Nifty 15 mins (Anticipated durning live webinar on 30th September 2023)

Nifty Happened chart on 04 October 2023As can be seen on 1st chart we expected price to make a low at our 43 period Time Cycle on 3rd October 10 am. Prices indeed formed a low near 19479 and managed to protect for rest of the day. From there we had a bounce back of nearly 90 points. This was then followed by break of this Time support by a Gap down opening.

Happened – Nifty moved as shown in path above. Nifty formed a low near 19479 levels which is exactly on our 43-period time cycle and after a pullback prices reversed on the downside and is currently trading lower. As the overall trend is lower we are seeing only pullbacks from this time cycles and break of cycle low turns trend negative.

During the up move we can capture big upward moves and during primary downtrend we can use pullbacks to enter shorts for riding on downside.

To trade effectively, one need to combine Time Cycle with price action.

In a nutshell, Time Cycle works brilliantly if applied correctly and by using this simple concept of Time cycles one can trade positional, intraday and for options it becomes all the more important.

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