Nifty Lifetime Highs as per Time! BANG ON!

lifetimehighs nifty time time cycles Jun 26, 2024

Nifty touched lifetime high levels and the movement has been precisely as per Time cycles.

It is very much possible to time the market but only a few traders are aware about this advanced concept of Time trading.

On 5th June 2024, very next day of Election result we mentioned that prices should touch lifetime high levels when the index was near 22398. Nifty has rallied by more than 1400 points already from there.

Nifty anticipated using Time cycle and Neo wave on 5th June 2024

Nifty Tweet on 24th June 2024

Nifty 15 minutes chart – Time cycles

Nifty has been moving precisely as per Time cycles.

Above tweets and charts clearly shows application of time trading concept right from daily chart to 15 minutes time frame.

On daily time frame, prices follow 55 Days time cycle and we clearly mentioned on 5th June when the index was near 22398 that prices should touch lifetime high levels.

Happened: Nifty moved precisely from there rallying by more than 1400 points and already crossed above 23800 levels.

Nifty 15 minutes time cycle – Basis of short term cycle we mentioned in our daily research and also tweeted about prices should rally to 23750 levels when the index was near 23560. Nifty moved up on 25th June 2024 and touched the high of 23755 on same day itself.

Later on 26th June 2024 morning tweet we again mentioned that prices should move up to 23820 levels after minor dip and index rallied again by more than 120 points.

Nifty 43 period Time cycle – Hurst’s Time cycle is scientific approach to trading time cycle. It helps to understand the possible reversal areas. Every 43 period there is tendency of prices to reverse back on upside. By combining price action along with this time cycle one can trade right from scalping, intraday to positional.

As can be seen in above chart, prices have rallied on upside from most of the lows including the ones formed on 5th June. Also on 24th and 26th June prices rallied sharply upside from the cycle period.

In a nutshell, by combining time cycle in trading along with simple price action method can provide not only time but price forecasting ability as well. This can be the missing element in your trading that can sharply increase your accuracy.

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