Nifty Time cycle Trading with Price Forecasting – What is next?

nifty time cycle Feb 07, 2024

Trading with conviction requires understanding of Price action and also Time cycle

Time trading – helps to identify key reversal areas and the same can be combined with Time indicators like Future line of Demarcation, KST, Pring Special K

Below chart of Nifty shows index movement over past few Time period and how FLD has been helping to provide targets.

Nifty daily chart:

Nifty above chart shows Time cycle and prices have managed to form lows around the red cycle vertical lines on most of the occasions. As per this Hurst’s Time cycle the next date is on 5th March 2024 post which we can start seeing positive momentum again. Until then prices might move with slower momentum.

This can also be seen from slowing momentum on KST indicator shown below the price chart. We can see that KST has been falling lower when prices touched lifetime high levels.

Future line of demarcation – This indicator helps to forecast the prices. It also acts as important support or resistance. We can see that prices bounced back sharply after coming close to FLD support of this indicator is now at 21740. Breach below this level will give downside targets.

We can see also in past instances that the intersection with FLD has given upside targets equal to that of the distance prior to intersection.

This is powerful method to combine time indicators along with Hurst’s Time cycle. We can see that time is turning down with support near 21740.

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