Nifty Price Targets Using Time – Believe It!

fld nifty time cycles Oct 06, 2022
Nifty, Trading, Stock market

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Price and Time are the only two parameters that a trader can buy or sell. Majority are focussing on Price and Ignoring the Time completely.

In the science of Time there is possibility to even forecast Prices. Hurst’s Time cycles define price and time forecast using simple method known as FLD

Nifty 15 minutes chart:

The above chart shows 15 minutes time frame on which we have applied Time Cycles of 43 period. Along with that there is a black line which is not a moving average but a shifted price known as Future Line of Demarcation or FLD.

FLD represents Price but it is derived using Time concept. Intersection of FLD with prices give the midpoint for prices and we can project equal distance either on upside or downside post intersection.

Look at the circle areas where we got this specific trade setups using FLD. Every intersection happened at midpoint that resulted into prices moving towards target levels.

This FLD also acts as support, so 17200 – 17220 is the support. Intersection below this level will give lower price targets which can be 200 points. But this will be only on intersection.

Time Traders know how to apply this science of Time correctly and properly. This is a powerful method and incorrect interpretation or application can result into undesirous outcome. But if applied properly it can transform the way one ever see the markets.

Welcome to the world of Time Trading!

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