Nifty 15 Minutes Time cycle – Trading Ichimoku Cloud

ichimoku cloud nifty time cycle Jun 12, 2023
Nifty 15 Minutes Time cycle – Trading Ichimoku Cloud

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Is it possible to Time the market for Trading?

Yes – Time cycle is scientific approach to identify the possible reversal and can help Options Traders to Time the market.

Price action techniques if combined with Time cycles one can trade exceptionally well with high accuracy.

Nifty 15 minutes chart: 43 period Time cycle

Nifty 43 period Time cycle on 15 minutes chart is plotted above. The vertical lines are the zone of Time cycle from where we can see short term upside reversals.

On most of the occasions prices have showed pullback or upside move after it has come within the zone of red and blue vertical lines. This lines are placed every 43 candles.

It means that after every 43 candles prices have tendency to move on upside. This if clubbed along with price action technique can provide complete trade setup.

Ichimoku Cloud – This is price focused indicator and provide complete insight into support, resistance, trend of the market. When prices move from below the cloud (highlighted green and red color) back above it we can see upside thrust form time cycle zones.

Currently prices are below the cloud and so from Time cycle zone we are seeing only minor pullback, but if prices reaches the time cycle area when it is above the cloud we get strong trend on upside.

In a nutshell, prices need to break back above the cloud resistance near 18640 and then when it approaches Time cycle vertical line it will provide classic opportunity to go long again. This concept of Time can be applied not only on 15 minutes chart but also on daily, weekly and monthly charts for Investment purpose.

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