Nifty Trading Using 5 Minutes Time Cycle!

nifty price action time cycle Feb 08, 2023
Nifty,Price Action, Time Cycle

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Time cycle is simple way to identify price support areas. Time support zone with price action gives lethal combination for traders with high accuracy.

We have been applying Time cycles right from Weekly, Daily, 15 Minutes and 5 minutes chart. Depending on the Trading Time frame these cycle can accordingly be used.

Below is chart of Nifty showing Time cycles on 5 minutes chart.

Nifty 5 minutes chart:

Time cycles are used to catch lows. Above chart shows 64 period Time cycle applied on 5 minutes chart which has been working exceptionally well.

As shown, the vertical blue lines are Time cycle zone and we have marked price area that is support as per this time cycle. Every time prices approach near the zone of Time cycle there is upward thrust that can be seen. So one can use Time as a very important parameter for taking the trade on buy side.

If the Time support area breaks there are also sell signals as per this method which happened on 7th February.

To derive the targets one can use the concept of FLD (Hurst’s Time cycle) that can help traders with targets as well.

In a nutshell, Hurst’s Time cycle is a complete trading system by itself if implemented correctly and provides trader with both Price and Time forecasting ability. For Option traders Timing is the most important parameter but largely ignored which can make all the difference in Trading PNL.

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