Nifty Intraday Trading, How To Make Money in 3 Steps!

elliott wave nifty technical analysis Aug 13, 2021
Nifty, Elliott wave

Nifty has moved from 15900 to the targets of 16480 we have been talking since past few days.

Daily morning research reports have talked about these levels on the basis of Simple Technical Analysis methods.

See the below chart that we used in addition to Elliott Wave analysis to give to our advisory clients

Nifty Hourly Chart:

The 3 main steps based on which we generate calls are as follows:

Step 1: We first identify the Elliott wave patterns and then use the Fibonacci projection to derive the targets in confluence with the Time Cycle.

Step 2: We then identify reversal areas based on price action and Bollinger bands on the lower time frames for refined early entry in the trade or Breakout strategy

Step 3: The last step is to check if there is enough room for price to move based on the overbought/oversold conditions of RSI and price action support and resistance zones.

A combination of these three steps help us to identify winning intraday trades in Nifty which we give to our Nifty intraday call subscribers.

Target achieved in below calls:

02-08-2021 NIFTY FUT BUY ABOVE 15925 SL 15845 TGT1 15985 TGT2 16050

03-08-2021 NIFTY AUG FUT BUY ABOVE 15960 SL 14880 TGT1 16030 TGT2 16100

05-08-2021 NIFTY FUT BUY ABOVE 16305 SL 16235 TGT1 16370 TGT2 16450

11-08-2021 NIFTY FUT BUY ABOVE 16270 SL 16180 TGT1 16360 TGT2 16450

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