Power of Time - Nifty Low Near 10.30am 3rd October, Witness the Magic!

nifty time cycles Oct 03, 2022
Nifty, Trading, Stock market

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Nifty formed a low near 10.30am on 3rd October 2022. Was it predictable to forecast turning points to the very hour or minute?

The answer is absolutely “YES” and we did identify the date and time with thousands of participants together in an Exclusive webinar on Time on 2nd October 2022.

If you were a part of this, you will only think of it like a magic but it is a science of Time

Below is the snapshot of the chart discussed during that event!

Nifty 15 minutes Time chart – Anticipated

Happened so far –

Above chart needs little explanation and clearly highlights the power of Time. Nifty rallied by more than 100 points forming a low near 10.45am on 3rd October and bounced from 16946 levels.
There is a way to apply this along with Price action and Candlestick.

We are just showing power of Time Trading and if you were a part of the Exclusive webinar on Time Trading, you just witnessed looking the future before it happened.

In a nutshell, Time Traders can be made and we are doing that. Are you ready to Trade using this science of Time?

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