Is it Possible to identify early reversals using 43 Time cycles?

bank nifty hurst's time cycle time time cycles Jul 10, 2024

Is it possible to Time the market? Can we use methods that can predict when will prices reverse with exact date and time?

Look at the below chart of Nifty with time cycle applied on 15 minutes time frame chart that was anticipated on 6th July 2024 weekly webinar with 1000s of participants.

Nifty 15 minutes chart: Anticipated on 6th July 2024

Nifty 15 mins Happened as on 10th July 2024

J.M. Hurst is known as the father of Time Cycles. He identified that there are a set of standard cycles that work across markets. We need to identify the time cycle working on that stock or index.
For Nifty, 43 period of Time cycle works extremely well on 15 minutes time frame. Time trading has to be combined along with price action for precise entry.
Time trading needs to be combined with Price action as well for precise entry. It is also possible to derive price target using Time concept.
Currently the cycle is ongoing and the further price action will determine the future course of trend.

In nutshell, By combining this science of Time trading one need not worry about missing out the trend as if time is in favour then one can predict moves well in advance.


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