Scalping Trade using Time cycles on 5 Minutes Chart

hurst's time cycle nifty time cycles Feb 12, 2024

Scalping Trade using Time cycles on 5 Minutes Chart

Scalping trading means getting in and out of the market quickly and taking away the stoploss or profits very fast.

Time cycles can be applied even on 5 minutes time frame for scalping

It requires a clear understanding of charts and trade setups to do scalping trade even on 5 minutes time frame.

Below chart is of Nifty showing time cycles applied on 5 minutes time frame

Nifty 5 minutes chart 

Time cycle application – Nifty time cycle applied on 5 minutes chart shows that most of the time prices are nearing this time zone there is a move on upside. There are swings as much as of 150 points as well.

During the downtrend when the daily trend is negative as per 3 candlestick rule these time cycles give pullback and providing opportunity eve on the sell side.

As can be seen in above chart on prior 3 occasions there have been pullbacks from the cycle period even during down moves.

For scalping it is one of the quick way to identify reversal areas and combining this with price action can provide classic trading opportunity with good risk reward trade setup.

As can be seen recently prices have shown upside pullback from near the time zone and now break below 21580 will provide sell side opportunity keeping the high of the candle as stop.

It is also possible to derive targets on downside using time indicator and other concepts of Hurst’s Time cycles.

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