Trading Nifty Using Time Cycles (Advanced Technical Analysis)

nifty time cycle trading Sep 27, 2023
Trading Nifty Using Time Cycles (Advanced Technical Analysis)

Time Trading requires understanding of market time parameter as against price.

W.D.Gann said that if the Time is right, prices will rise!

We are showing confluence of 55 Days Time cycle along with short term Time cycle on 15 minutes time frame.

Nifty Daily chart:

Nifty 15 minutes chart:

Nifty 55 Days Time cycle is discussed in much detail in the previous article that can be referred here – Is it Possible to Time the reversal?

Nifty on 15 minutes time frame follows 43 period Time Cycle. We can see that during the rise this time cycle has worked extremely well and has been resulting into the upward swing when the time was right.

#TimeTrading requires understanding of confluence of Time cycles. We can see that 55 Days Time cycle was on sell side that was driving the primary trend and so prices moved lower just giving a pullback on 15 minutes time cycles.

On contrary, now that we are now at the turning cusp of this 55 Days Time cycle which is turning up the primary trend can again turn positive.

To time the entry precisely to the very day and hour we then switch from daily time frame to 15 minutes time frame and can start creating positions when prices are near this short term Time cycle period.

As per the above chart we now have the date of 28th September, 11.45am when time will turn positive on short term basis. This indicates that if we see positive price action it might be time again to buy for the trend purely on basis of Time. This is known as Time Trading.

In a nutshell, it is possible to trade purely using Time parameter and also derive targets. This is a science of Trading that requires deep understanding of cycle technique and by adding this method to existing trading strategy the accuracy can sharply increase.

Mentorship on Timing the market – It is possible to Time the entry and exit to the very Day, hour and minute by following the concepts of Time Trading and it is simple powerful way. We will be discussing Time Trading along with Stock selection algos, Elliott and Neo wave in systematic step by step fashion in 3 months of mentorship on Trading. Are you ready to be the #TimeTrader?