Israel-Hamas War vs stock markets: How will it affect your Trading?

israelwar nifty sensex stock market Oct 12, 2023
Israel-Hamas War vs stock markets: How will it affect your Trading?

The war between Israel and Hamas has shocked the entire world. But the stock markets globally are rallying.

Many think events like this drives the market. But we believe that events actually results into short term volatility and market does that it is supposed to do.

Elliott wave and Time cycle is powerful GPS of the market that helps to predict the future despite of the events or war.

We published strong bullish view on 9th October 2023 and showed path of Nifty a month back itself which has been followed precisely. If you missed reading why we turned bullish you can refer the prior research over here Israel Palestine War Impact on Stock Market – Is it Time to Buy?

Nifty chart – Predicted on 6th October 2023

Nifty chart during Live Mentorship session on 4th October 2023

Nifty happened as on 12th October 2023

Nifty first chart shows prediction when the markets were rallying and majority were super bullish. But we applied advanced Elliott wave – Neo wave analysis and showcased possible path prices can traverse and expected a down move before the up move resumes.

Later prices moved sharply lower forming a top around 20175 precisely as expected in form of wave b.

Post completion of wave b we started seeing sideways action and Nifty formed a low near 19340 levels. This is before the war was declared.

We expected up move to start as per the chart shown during Mentorship session on 4th October on basis of internal wave pattern and mentioned break above 19568 to resume the positive trend in form of wave c.

Happened: Nifty indeed formed a low and rallied higher. Now as the war was declared prices had Gap down opening protected the prior low of 19340 and reversed back higher.

Post the war was declared we also tweeted across that this is opportunity for many who missed entering the trend with 19490 as support and time turns up at 2.15pm here is the link to tweet if you missed acting before

I produced the video as an opportunity for many who missed the trend on upside to enter despite of Israel Hamas war, and we are up by more than 300 points

Now we are seeing inverted Head & Shoulder pattern and expect the up move to continue. Using the concepts of Time cycles, Neo wave and combining that with patterns for a move to 20061 as long as support of 19650 remains intact.

In a nutshell, see charts and not events to trade and the outcome can be much more profitable for traders.

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