Nifty Time Cycle on 15 Minutes with Neo Wave, Precise Forecast! Astonishing!!!

elliott wave nifty time cycles Feb 03, 2022
Nifty, Elliott Wave, Time Cycles

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Nifty has been moving precisely as per the path of Elliott Wave and Time cycles.

Time cycles is the most powerful technical indicator that I have come across and surprisingly very few analyst across the globe talks about it.

In addition, we take a step forward for combining Time Cycles with Elliott wave which is simply amazing. Look at the below charts of Nifty and the path shown.

Even the Budget day movement is as per Time and Elliott wave, Astonishing! Isn’t it

Nifty path shown on 16th Jan 2022 in Master of Waves session

Nifty Moon phases shown in webinar on 25th January, 4 pm webinar

Nifty Happened precisely even on the Event like Budget:

Time analysis:

Above charts need little explanation and simply compare them with the path Nifty has followed. It is extremely amazing to see this into play as per the confluence of Price and Hurst’s Time cycles.

Everything in nature is governed by Time and so is stock market. Very few have taken that step to understand the time element which is simple and easy.

Nifty daily chart shown on 16th January 2022 – Nifty path shown as possible triangle formation has worked out perfect and we are currently in wave e of this pattern.

Nifty daily chart on Moon cycles – Many days prior to Budget we have been bold and vocal to call for a rally on the Budget day given the Lunar or Moon cycle (Amavasya) falling on that day. Nifty rallied by more than 800 points just a day prior to Budget and opened Gap up on the day of Budget even before it started. This clearly shows market does that it has to and events will not help traders but charts will.

Latest chart 15 Minutes Time cycle: This time cycle has worked out extremely well it identifying short term lows for which is important for Option Traders. See in the above chart every single turn during the rise is happened around the vertical lines. Based on the understanding of Price and Time we have shown very short term path as well in the 3rd chart. Let see if this also works out well.

In a nutshell, once can see that traders can forecast from weeks to days to the very minute of the market by understanding the concept of Time and Elliott wave patterns. Our Mentees are simply thrilled as they have witnessed it real time when we were forecasting weeks ahead of Budget. Are you a part of this Elite group who are on path to become the #TimeTraders.

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